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A programming environment and language created for visual designers and artists as an introduction to computational design.


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Dynamic models of real objects that may be used for the development of any functional and visual models of the real world.


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Free code repository for the 5 volume set of books on various computer graphics programming techniques.


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 4 - Graphics Notes Browse Website open in new window
Topic papers on computer graphics maintained by the faculty and students of the Computer Graphics Group, Computer Science Department, at UC Davis.


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 5 - Swap-Meet Browse Website open in new window
An interactive 3D community, composed primarily of NeMo Dev or Creation users.


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"This paper explores this motion blur and its relationship to: camera open shutter time, current computer graphics motion-blur implementations, temporally anti-aliased images, and the Human Visual System's (HVS) motion smear quality." Published in Cro...


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Computer graphics tutorials about fractals, fourier transform, demo effects, software 3D engines, raycasting, etc. Examples (with C++ source code).


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 8 - Win Design Browse Website open in new window
3D graphics programming with PowerRender and C++.


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 9 - Ninja Cross Browse Website open in new window
Programming and game development projects including screen shots and source code.


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Visual basic graphics, animation and activex games.


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