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Everything you always wanted to know about map projections, and then some.


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Very basic grey page with some useful links on map projection.


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Research and recent papers on video-based capture of human movements. The main applications are feature animation, video games, and analyzing Movement Disorder


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Basic computations frequently needed in graphics.


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A grid of intersection routines for various popular objects, pointing to resources in books and on the web.


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Survey of non-photorealistic rendering (NPR) for computer graphics and animation: painterly rendering, toon shading, painterly image processing, and simulation of traditional artistic media.


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Bezier, B-spline, NURBS, and many other spline curves and surfaces with interactive 2D Java applets and VRML.


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An infrequent newsletter on ray tracing and general computer-graphics research and resources.


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Article by Paul Haeberli and Mark Segal. Survey of applications of texture mapping including simple texture mapping, projective textures, and image warping; description of texture mapping techniques for drawing anti-aliased lines, air-brushes, and ant...


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Public domain package for view-dependent simplification and rendering of polygonal environments.


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