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3D (16) C (3) C++ (17)
COM (38) Companies (9) Delphi (4)
File Formats (5) GGI (2) GUI (152)
Java (111) Morphic (7) OpenGL (186)
Perl (33) Python (14) Simple DirectMedia Layer (12)

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A free, open source, CMM engine. It provides fast transforms between ICC profiles.


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 2 - GD Library Browse Website open in new window
A graphics library for fast image creation


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Library of subroutines and functions that display data graphically. Software is available for the programming languages C, Fortran 77, Fortran 90, Perl, Python and Java.


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A library for high-performance 2D vector and bitmap graphics


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An easy to use free graphics library for Fortran and C(C++) available on Win32 platforms using MinGw, cygwin, VC++/VF or BCC. Interactive graphics programming can be made with it.


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Portable 2D graphics library. Provides a set of functions for simultaneous generation of graphical output on different types of devices.


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The homepage of the Glide Open Source Project.


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 8 - Fastgraph Browse Website open in new window
Collection of graphics functions that can help you develop professional games and applications.


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High-level, cross-platform C/C++ graphics and windowing library built on a fast x86 assembler graphics kernel. [Open Source, LGPL]


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Comparison of Nugraf Developer's 3D Toolkit and Open GL. Publisthed in ACM Crossroads Magazine.


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