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 1 - Open CASCADE Browse Website open in new window
A geometric modeling SDK available on Linux including geometric data structures, modeling algorithms and a shape viewer.


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Open source visualization software package based on IBM's Visualization Data Explorer.


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Scientific data visualizer written in Python


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 4 - Coriander Browse Website open in new window
GUI to control an IEEE1394 Digital Camera and handle its video output. Features, screenshots, manual, and download.


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Interpolate defects (pixels, dots, stripes) in JPEG images with minimal quality loss.


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A library written in Java for adding two dimensional charts to Java programs.


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Edits, generates, and manipulates terrain height maps. These can be used in terrain renders, which are used in games, applications, and demos. Web based manual available. [Windows and Linux]


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 8 - 3D Scene Browse Website open in new window
Illustrates most of the modeling, illumination, and rendering 3D objects. Covers Z-buffer, Shading, Phong illumination, and Ray Tracing.


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A clone of the Amiga version of the Electronic Arts' product, "Deluxe Paint". A low-resolution, low color-depth paint program.


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Data analysis and plotting program (C#) [Windows].


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