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 1 - Gamasutra Browse Website open in new window
Feature game development articles: programming, art, production.


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 2 - Neon Helium Browse Website open in new window
Extensive OpenGL programming tutorials and resources.


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Documentation, tutorials, and code for OpenGL with the SDL Library.


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 4 - flipCode.com Browse Website open in new window
Graphics and game programming tutorials. No longer maintained - however, provides good examples and source code.


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This video tutorial teaches 3D programming in C++ using OpenGL and GLUT. It covers both OpenGL syntax and 3D programming in general. It is designed to be beginner-friendly.


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Multi-pass algorithms for rendering volumetric intersection, difference and union.


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Source code, links, OpenGL tutorials and a port of the SGI flight simulator to Win32.


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 8 - GameDev.net Browse Website open in new window
OpenGL articles, tutorials, books and source Code.


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Delphi, OpenGL, game development and graphics site. It currently have over 160 tutorials online.


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Information about various OpenGL toolkits including GLUT, SDL, CPW and others.


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