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The official names for character sets that may be used in the Internet and referred to in Internet documentation - held at the Internet Assigned Number Authority.


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The standard names for use in SGML and XML, including a complete list of language name codes.


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Covers code tables, Unicode, HTML and XML and links to other resources and discusses internationalization and localization issues relating to character sets.


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Query character sets, encoding, codepages and Unicode information in an easy-to-use web form. Held at the Institute of the Estonian Language.


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Pennsylvania State University's guide to reading and publishing different languages on the web. Includes details of various encoding systems and links.


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A review of the HTML authoring problems caused by some special characters which belong to MS Windows character set but not to ISO Latin 1. Includes technical details and substitution tables. In English and Finnish.


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Hints and tips about character sets and fonts in web development. Includes links to related resources.


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A tutorial on character code issues in digital processing and transfer of text data, on the Internet or otherwise. Includes tables and a detailed listing of control codes. In English and Finnish.


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How to validate HTML documents in various character encodings.


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Codetables for ISO 8859-6, ASMO 449 plus, ASMO 708 (Arabic) and ISO 8859-8 (Hebrew) and further information about the company's work in multilingual UNIX.


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