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The official site with information and resources for programmers, implementers and others involved in globalization work.


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A resource about Unicode and UTF-8 on Unix and Linux systems.


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A description of the basic concept of Unicode plus links to related resources.


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Includes a variety of tutorials and details of conference sessions covering Unicode, the web, software and internationalization. Includes details of past conferences since 1996 and information about upcoming events.


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 5 - UTF-8 Sampler Browse Website open in new window
Examples of the UTF-8 Unicode encoding method demonstrating its ASCII-preserving properties.


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The online edition of version 4.1.0 of this standard.


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A Unicode plain text editor for the Windows NT and Windows 95 operating systems.


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Browsers test for Unicode compatibility.


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IBM's portable set of C/C++ and Java libraries for Unicode support, internationalization, and globalization. Background information, user guide, API references, and developer information. [free use licence]


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A description of PostScript glyph naming conventions in the context of Unicode.


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