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Applet Development (3) Build Tools (4) Code Beautifiers (8)
Code Exploring and Managing (9) Code Refactoring (7) Databases and Persistence (30)
Debugging (8) Deployment (40) Design and Modelling (7)
Documentation Tools (7) Enterprise Edition (16) Globalization (6)
GUI Builders (9) Integrated Development Environments (58) JavaHelp (3)
Micro Edition (10) Obfuscators (16) Performance and Testing (83)
Translators (39)  

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Architecture for incorporating scripting into Java applications, applets and servlets. [Open Source, IBM Public License]


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 2 - ObjectLedge Browse Website open in new window
A platform for building applications in Java 2 Standard and Enterprise Edition environments. It provides basic building blocks of the applications, a few extensions to the Pico framework, customized containers for easy deployment of applications in co...


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A tool for collecting code metrics for Java/J2EE projects into JavaDoc-styled HTML to analyze project metrics over time. [Freeware, req. registration]


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 4 - Versata, Inc. Browse Website open in new window
Business-rules development platform for J2EE application creation and management.


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 5 - JavaToolbox Browse Website open in new window
Directory of the existing development tools, libraries and add-ins for Java/J2EE. Freeware, open source, as well as commercial products, organized in multiple categories.


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A visual editor for resource files. The files being produced by this tool is fully compatible with ResourceBundle expectations. Has been tested on Win/Unix/Linux/Mac platforms.


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Enables you to write applications which access, manage, and update the information stored in an LDAP directory. C and Perl versions also available. [Open Source]


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Illustrates program control flow graphically in the blank indentation space of source code. [Freeware]


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Allows web browsers to access terminal-based information systems without modifying existing applications.


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An online search engine providing Package and Jar File location information for Java classes. Useful when getting ClassNotFoundExceptions or when importing classes into Java code.


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