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 1 - HttpUnit Browse Website open in new window
Automates website testing, including form submission, JavaScript, basic http authentication, cookies and automatic page redirection, and allows Java test code to examine returned pages either as text, an XML DOM, or containers of forms, tables, and li...


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A library for testing Java code using mock objects. [Open source]


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Benchmarking articles, books, and links.


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A tool that does unit and code compliance testing of Java classes and auto-generates JUnit test cases from a running application. [Commercial, trial version]


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 5 - Jameleon Browse Website open in new window
Automated testing tool that separates applications into features and allows those features to be tied together independently, creating test cases. [Open Source, LGPL]


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An object oriented framework that facilitates functional testing of software written in Java. It is based on the concept of test cases and uses XML as input/output format. [Open source, GPL]


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Offers a Java/J2EE testing solution including profiler, code analyzer and unit/functional/load tester and agentless monitors and controllers for Windows/Linux/Solaris J2EE application servers, databases, SNMP and web servers. [Commercial]


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A lightweight framework for running EJBs outside of the container for unit testing. [Open source, Apache Software License]


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Code quality assessment and quality control tool for Java development; integrates with Eclipse, JBuilder, JDeveloper, NetBeans, VisualAge. [Shareware]


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Designed to test all aspects of distributed applications with centralized control . Distributed tests on windows, linux, other clients using STAF (and eventually other P2P tools). Tests are written in Java. [Open Source, BSD license]


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