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 1 - BOINC@AUSTRALIA Browse Website open in new window
Team for Australians using the BOINC client to participate in the Predictor@home project.


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 2 - Team Picard Browse Website open in new window
A distributed computing team competing in all the major and some of the minor projects.


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This is the home of Team Ninja, a team that pursues distributed computing projects. We currently work on: Distributed Folding Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC)


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The AMD Users team is a team primarily for users of AMD processors.


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Information, statistics, FAQs, and chat room on how they support the Mersenne Prime Search.


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 6 - Team Gl Browse Website open in new window
Statistics, member pages, forum, links and project info.


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Includes member and team statistics, how to join, and why they do it.


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 8 - Team Canada Browse Website open in new window
Canadians and friends helping to find cures to post exposure diseases such as Sars, Smallpox, Ebola and Smallpox


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