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Free-DC is a community which attempts to provide a relaxed, helpful environment, teams, and statistics for people interested in participating in distributed computing projects.


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 2 - B.C. Boinc Browse Website open in new window
Team for distributed computing enthusiasts living in or hailing from the Province of British Columbia, Canada, using the BOINC client.


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 3 - AMD Users.com Browse Website open in new window
AMD Users Distributed Computing Team Website.


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Team discussion forum dedicated to various distributed computing projects.


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 5 - Team-SciFi Browse Website open in new window
Team history, information, statistics, and forums on their efforts to support Folding@Home, SETI@Home, ECC2-109, Genome, and other projects.


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 6 - Ready Response Browse Website open in new window
Information on projects supported, distributed computing news, FAQ, and tutorial.


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Forum with news, statistics, court jester, and bragging yard.


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The "Official" website for Team Chicopee. All are invited to join our team and help science.


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 9 - Team Linux UK Browse Website open in new window
UK based distributed computing team whose members participate in various distributed projects such as RC5-64, Folding@Home, seti@home and the StephenBrooks.org muon project.


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 10 - TEAM: Brian Browse Website open in new window
The TEAM: Brian web site for TEAM: Brian on SETI@Home, Einstein@Home, Predictor@Home, The ClimatePrediction.net experiment, Pirates@Home and BURP, the Big and Ugly Rendering Project.


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