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W3C's open source browser/editor for testing and evaluating new standards. Supports XHTML, MathML, SVG and CSS.


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Based on the open source Mozilla code, but with the capacity to write to the Web.


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 3 - Browse Happy Browse Website open in new window
Encourages switching from Internet Explorer to a number of strong alternative products.


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 4 - DocZilla Browse Website open in new window
Browser with support for SGML, XML, HyTime, CALS tables, RDF, and XLink based on the Mozilla Gecko rendering engine.


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An extensible Internet browser written in Python. It runs on Unix, and, to some extent, on Windows and Macintosh.


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Listing of non-standard and little-known browsers, including historical references.


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With netomat, the user has a dialogue with the Internet. You can ask the net a question using natural language. netomat responds by flowing text, images and audio from the net to your screen.


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 8 - Turbo Browser Browse Website open in new window
Maximizing efficiency by merging the management of local and Internet resources, and web browsing.


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 9 - AuctionTamer Browse Website open in new window
Customized tabbed Internet browser with a built-in auction item watch list


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 10 - Activator Desk Browse Website open in new window
Internet desktop and browser program for a fast, secure, Internet. It may be used for simple child-safe filtering, or as an advanced security shield, preventing tampering and unauthorized access to both conventional programs and questionable Internet ...


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