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Collection of papers and links covering the major wireless standards and their associated vulnerabilities.


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Information on the WPA2 security standard designed to meet the 802.11i criteria. Includes FAQ and media briefing presentation in English and Japanese.


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Tips for home users who want to get a network up quickly to secure their network against the most prevalent of threats.


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A three part article on wireless penetration testing discussing the different types of attacks that can be used, how to protect against them, and walks through a typical attack on a network.


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A two part article on developing a security policy for wireless networks expressing key policy components in great detail.


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Tool for penetration testing Cisco LEAP wireless access points, can recover weak passwords by passively monitoring wireless traffic. Includes documentation and downloads.


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A software application designed to provide a clear interface to wireless security options enabled in surrounding wireless networks. Intended for use in laptops.


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 8 - New Scientist Browse Website open in new window
Article by Will Knight, discussing a new authentication approach that can combat the risks associated with connecting to a rogue access point.


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Offers security alerts and articles based on specific wireless LAN hardware and mirrored multi-platform software helpful for wireless security.


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Article raising awareness about the risk of unprotected wireless networks, and how a worldwide test yielded shocking results about the amount homes left unprotected to network attacks.


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