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Presents the now defunct company that created the Hotline Connect protocol, their software suit, its history, and its successors.


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Salon.com 21st feature that outlines the legal battles that have ensued between Hotline Communications and the inventor of the Hotline protocol, Adam Hinkley.


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Salon.com 21st feature that explores the culture of the Hotline community.


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News, features, guides and reviews related to Hotline.


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Hosts a tracker, several user guides in PDF format, old client and server software for historical purposes and a collection of useful links.


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Presents the server that hosts open source and abandonware software as well as other files that seem important to its users. Also offers a tracker to find other Hotline servers.


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Presents the history and describes the current state of the Hotline scene, also explains how to get started with this BBS system.


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Offers archiving and backup services on Hotline, Carracho, and KDX servers, with a particular focus on Macintosh users.


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Official listing for versions of the Hotline protocol released under the GNU Public License by Hotsprings, Inc. through the OpenSprings project.


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