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Open source, GNU/Linux-compatible version of the now unavailable Red Light Variety Alpha software, a Hotline protocol client and server with English and Japanese language support.


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 2 - Free HL Iconlib Browse Website open in new window
A free and opensource Java library for extracting icons and GIF-images from the hotline.dat file of the Hotline software provided by Hotsprings, Inc.


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 3 - Net-Hotline Browse Website open in new window
A set of modules for utilizing the Hotline protocol in a Perl environment.


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An improved version with additional features making it compatible with GLoarbLine server and 1.9x servers.


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Open source Hotline client and server applications for various operating systems derived from OpenLine which was one of the first free Hotline clones.


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 6 - HotlineX Browse Website open in new window
Free set of software using the Hotline protocols, providing Hotline application suites that can run on GNU/Linux, OS X and Unix. Provides release information for the base HXD products as well as mHXD.


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Callcenter Software


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