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Information, articles, and services from Seybold Publications and Songline Studios (O'Reilly and Associates). Resource guide includes links to W3C and related developments, drafts, and recommendations.

 2 - XML Cover Pages Browse Website open in new window
A reference work for XML and its parent, SGML. Features documentation on the application of the open, interoperable "markup language" standards, including XSL, XSLT, XPath, XQuery, XLink, XPointer, XHTML, HyTime, DSSSL, CSS, SPDL, SVG, CGM, ISO-HTML, ...

News, education, and information about the application in industrial and commercial settings.

Includes the first search engine specifically designed to find resources; tools, samples, standards information, education resources, news and events, and links to the community forums.

Choose from hundreds of categories of related resources.

Detailed look with resources, newsletter and industry news.

Detailed presentation that provides an introduction and overview of XML, Namespaces, XInclude, XML Base, XLink, XPointer, XPath, DTD, XML Schema, DSD, XSLT, XQuery, DOM, SAX, and JDOM

Tim Bray's XML page, with the Lark XML processor.

 9 - Cetus Links Browse Website open in new window
Collection of links on XML, Object-Orientation and Internet technology.

Forum for free information exchange ranging from the basic introductions to the programming references and advanced tutorials.

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