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 1 - PhotoLine 32 Browse Website open in new window
Powerful image editing and painting software layout with vector editing, batch convert and web editing software. Featuring all basic functions like painting, filters, paste, gradients, flood fill, a TWAIN interface for scanners and digital cameras.

 2 - Image Rodeo Browse Website open in new window
A template-based web photo album creator for Macintosh OS X. Customize the built-in templates or build one using HTML and IRScript. Full source code provided, and full documentation is provided online.

 3 - Fractal Domains Browse Website open in new window
Program that generates fractal images. Several options for producing striking variations of fractal images, and includes advanced features for producing high-quality images.

EasyCrop is an easy-to-use application for cropping, resizing and rotating pictures.

 5 - PixelToy Browse Website open in new window
Create beautiful images to composite in an image editor, generate QuickTime movies of animated special effects for video, or just watch the patterns react to audio.

 6 - Rainbow Painter Browse Website open in new window
A painting and photo retouching tool that supports up to 8 image layers with alpha channels, a mask layer, and over 50 special effect tools.

 7 - ImageBuddy Browse Website open in new window
Digital image layout program designed especially for use on the Mac. Intuitive interface to rotate, size, crop, mask and layout with digital photos for printing in just a few simple click.

 8 - RenderBoy Browse Website open in new window
Integrated object based 3D Boolean solid modeler and photo-realistic ray-tracing renderer.

Picture viewer, slide show and photo editing software with a file browser and basic word processor. It has print templates, screen capture to image or PDF, system information and a moviemaker.

With Film Factory, collect, arrange, store, edit, and print thousands of photos from any source, digital camera, picture CDs, photo files, Web sites, or scanned images. [Windows/Mac]

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