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A freeware, on-line newsreader. Supports kill-files, filtering and scoring. Supports multiple newsservers.

Visual Newsreader for Windows, including Windows 3.1. Can select, view, write, sort and print articles. Articles can be saved locally, copied to the clipboard or forwarded via e-mail. Public domain software, source code available.

Open source newsreader for Windows with rules-based filtering. Automatically downloads, decodes, and views images and allows offline reading. Kill file and multiple server support.

 4 - Forte, Inc. Browse Website open in new window
Agent and Free Agent are commercial and freeware newsreaders for 16-bit or 32-bit Windows systems. Both offer off-line reading and handle binary attachments. Agent offers advanced filtering options and integrated e-mail support.

 5 - NewsBin Pro Browse Website open in new window
Usenet robot for Windows that automatically searches for and downloads binary files. Detects duplicates and avoids downloading them. Includes a viewer for graphics files.

 6 - 40tude Dialog Browse Website open in new window
Unicode aware client with support for multiple servers and identities. Has filtering and scoring support, integrated email functionality and binaries support. Free for personal use. Free trial period.

 7 - News Rover Browse Website open in new window
Newsreader with built-in search capabilities for messages and binary file attachments. It has "Autoscan" mode, for unattended scanning and downloading. A module that allows messages to be downloaded to Palm Pilot PDA's is also available.

 8 - NewsReactor Browse Website open in new window
Lets you scan, combine, and download files from selected Usenet newsgroups.

Freeware NZB capable newsgrabber. Automatically handles repairing and extracting of downloaded files. For Windows XP and above.

 10 - NewsLeecher Browse Website open in new window
NZB capable newsgrabber with multiserver support. Free trial version available. For Windows 98 and above.

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