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 2 - Desktop Sidebar Browse Website open in new window
Bar docks to the edge of the screen, and displays RSS news feeds from blogs and web pages, stock quotes, weather forecasts, e-mails, appointments, task, notes, Windows Messenger contacts. Search the net using Google, or other engines, control Windows ...

A download manager that supports resumable downloads and multiple simultaneous downloads. [Win32]

 4 - Fresh Download Browse Website open in new window
Download manager with multiple connections/split file, pause/resume broken download, and integration with Internet Explorer.

A taskbar toolbar that lets you search the net using Google, Yahoo, Switchboard, and many other engines. The code is open source and GPLed. [Windows]

 6 - LookWAYup Browse Website open in new window
A dictionary and search tool designed to be embedded into web pages.

Web page update monitoring agent. Includes pop-up notification and application launch features. [Windows]

Add streaming audio to your web page by downloading this Javaclip.

Creators of Weather Watcher an ad-free, spyware-free, desktop weather program.

A web invitation system that one can install it on your server and customize it to fit your needs.

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