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Provides news and technical information for Apple Developers.


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 2 - GNUstep Project Browse Website open in new window
A project devoted to providing an object oriented application framework to developers.


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Gateway to Apple's documentation for programming Mac OS 8 and 9, including Carbon development.


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"The Annual Conference for Leading Edge Developers"; a multi-day round-the-clock ritual involving gallons of soda, heinous hacks, and lots of camaraderie. Not to be missed!


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 5 - iDevGames Browse Website open in new window
Macintosh game development website featuring news, tutorials, game assets, forums and articles.


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 6 - Macdev at MIT Browse Website open in new window
Various resources for Macintosh development from the folks over at MIT.


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A directory of Mac programming related sites, including development kits, format specifications, toolkits, open source, tutorials, and webzines.


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