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SCO vs GNU GPL (13)  

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SCO downplays published report suggesting firm may sue Linux founder Linus Torvalds for patent infringement, while Torvalds calls for restraint. CEO McBride will not fully rule out possibility of suing him. [ZDNet UK]


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SCO has shown a few hundred lines of Linux code that allegedly violate its rights to Unix, but won't let Linus Torvalds, Linux father, look without signing non-disclosure agreement. [CRN]


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Responding to part of story by CBS Marketwatch that caused intense criticism from Linux community, McBride said targeting Torvalds is unlikely. [CNET News.com]


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Linux creator this week responded to range of allegations made by SCO at its SCO Forum 2003 conference, Las Vegas. Torvalds disputes what was shown as evidence of illegal Unix System V code in Linux. [eWeek]


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