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Part of Computer Science Bibliography Collection of Alf-Christian Achilles.


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Orthogonally persistent, capability-based secure SASOS using L4 2nd generation microkernel. Goals: Prove SASOSs can run on normal hardware, be as secure as normal OSs; can be as efficient as, and are faster than, normal OSs in some important uses; can...


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Exploring a new OS structure, tuned to the needs of complex applications (eg, CAD/CAM) where a number of cooperating programs manipulate a large shared persistent database of objects.


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SASOS research, and the Sombrero OS, at Arizona State University.


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From Proceedings of the International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems, Boston, USA, October 1992.


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Mail lists, projects, biographies (BibTeX, HTML long, HTML sans abstracts), a few links to other SASOS sites.


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Multitasking SASOS with transparent data persistence: users and application programmers need not know or care that system memory is transient and must be written to disk to persist across reboots, all details done by OS, so once data is made, it exist...


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Where stale pointers make it hard to re-use addresses, some have claimed that a 64-bit address space is so big that there is no need to ever re-use addresses. Results of kernel-level tracing of department workstations.


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