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The official Windows 7 site at Microsoft.


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Offers help for developers in writing applications using Microsoft products and technologies.


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Offers information about Windows products and technologies.


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Contains reviews, tips, tricks, and downloads. Publication has ceased, but old articles are still online, accessible via search function. [TechWeb]


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 5 - Windows 7 Sins Browse Website open in new window
A Free Software Foundation campaign criticizing various aspects of Windows 7 such as the DRM restrictions and the authenticity verification which inspects the contents of users' hard drives.


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In-depth Windows news and information and information on Microsoft beta programs.


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Offers Windows configuration utilities for various Windows products.


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Tools and code for network administration. Includes bug listings and fixes, hardware, operating system information, and remote control help.


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Provides technical resources and support for tweaking, managing and securing the Windows operating system using the registry, scripting and security.


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 10 - 64bit Computing Browse Website open in new window
A blog about Windows 64 bit Operating Systems that features the latest news and information to make your transition to 64 bit computing easier.


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