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Concerned with costs and dependency, legislators from Brazil to China are increasingly considering open-source software. CNET.


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For the first time in years, Microsoft's unassailable lead in computer operating systems is being challenged by manufacturers offering Linux software.


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Register article by a Newsforge regular about the "market share" of popular Operating Systems.


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This is the Fall 1999 issue of Crossroads, the International ACM student magazine. This issue features articles related to all aspects of Linux, including parallel computing, networking, and security.


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CNet discusses how Linux's popularity could hinder the software giant in its quest to gain control of a server market.


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The viability of Linux as a mainstream operating system, examined from a media and marketing perspective.


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Matches and compares Linux options to what were once considered Windows tasks.


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Does Redmond fear Linux is ready for prime time?


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Microsofts bugs push Japan to look at Open Source.


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The latest news related to Linux and freeBSD. Articles and guides on setting up Linux software and configuration.


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