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Consultants (102) Distributions (12) Lindows (30)
Mandrake (33) Red Hat (30) Resellers (8)
SCO-Caldera (188) Software (10) Support (5)
SuSE (44) Systems (29) Training (11)

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Consulting, installation, support and computer-security services to businesses.


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Overview on many projects where IBM uses and implements Linux for its customers and also related software and documentation can be found here.


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 3 - Linux Central Browse Website open in new window
Products include books, applications, distributions, hardware, and merchandise.


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Consulting services, software development, Linux support and systems.


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Linux-based embedded systems, real-time and high availability solutions.


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Offers Linux-compatible hardware, distributions, fuzzy penguins, applications, and training programs. International delivery available.


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UK based firm providing Linux systems, software and support to corporate and individual clients. SuSE, Red Hat, Mandrake, other distributions.


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Linux, open source solutions, support, service.


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 9 - Starnix, Inc. Browse Website open in new window
Professional Linux and Unix goods, services, support, training.


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Products include servers and clusters. News, documentation, product information, and event calendar.


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