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 31 - NZB-O-Matic Browse Website open in new window
A multi-server download program based on NZB files and which requires the .NET framework v1.1 to run. Its source code, subject to a custom semi-free license, is also available.


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Unofficial FAQ v1.6 for users of Forte, Inc.'s newsreaders, Agent and Free Agent. Covers where to get the software and support, features, and technical assistance.


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Newsreader specifically designed for downloading images from usenet. Includes spam filtering options, image previewer, yEnc support and multi-part support.


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 34 - NZBPlayer Browse Website open in new window
NZBPlayer streams video from Usenet. It allows to begin to watch videos before their download is complete and keeps the files for future use once they're downloaded. Freeware.


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Open source tool specialized in posting files to binary newsgroups, based on PowerPost 2000. Uses the yEnc encoding format.


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An nzb capable news client for binary newsgroups. This software is shareware with a limited free trial. For Windows 98 and above.


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 37 - NZB-O-Matic Plus Browse Website open in new window
Presents this version released by a new developer who corrected some bugs and added new features, also includes a detailed change log.


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 38 - yEncBin Poster Browse Website open in new window
Freeware Windows client for uploading binary files. Mainly created for novice Usenet users. Website includes screenshots and a user guide.


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 39 - NewsGrabber Browse Website open in new window
An open source, binaries only news reader with support for multiple servers and all popular encoding formats but not for NZB files. For Windows 95 and above.


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