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 1 - Paint.NET Browse Website open in new window
An open source image editing and photo manipulation package. Includes discussion forum and a release roadmap. [Windows]


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Simple and fast free graphics editor with a split view zoom and basic graphics file support. Supports 8, 16, 24 and 32 bit images in any resolution. [Win95/NT/BeOS x86 r4]


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A powerful, award-winning application with a skin-based interface, an excellent feature set, and support for more than 30 file types.


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 4 - Photo Wizard Browse Website open in new window
Import images and retouch them, add special effects, crop and resize, enhance the colors, brightness, remove the red eye.


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Icon editor for Windows that can handle both icon and cursor files, plus the semitransparent icons in Windows XP.


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Easy to use bitmap graphics program for the PC. Written in Blitz Basic by Angus Arthur.


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Graphics editor for DOS with features such as flood fill, pattern fill, and pattern spray. Provides information on opening bitmaps with Turbo C++ 3.0, handling mouse events through interrupts, and some graphics algorithms in a programming context.


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A powerful tool designed to create, edit, browse and manage themes for Sony Ericsson mobile phones.


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 9 - Paintlet Browse Website open in new window
Easy-to-use graphics editor for Java. Features an XML script interface.


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Editor for Wizardry 6, Wizardry 7 and Wizardry 8 games.


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