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Interactive, collaborative Wiki dedicated to Common Lisp. Large amount of diverse information.


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 2 - AllegroServe Browse Website open in new window
Web application server to embed in Common Lisp programs. [Open Source, LGPL]


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 3 - Hunchentoot Browse Website open in new window
Web server coded in Common Lisp; supports HTTP/1.1 chunking, persistent connections (keep-alive), and SSL; works only with LispWorks.


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 4 - CL-PPCRE Browse Website open in new window
A portable Perl-compatible regular expressions for Common Lisp. [Open source, BSD-style license]


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An open source implementation of the Common Lisp Interface Manager, a portable and standardized library for constructing user interfaces.


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 6 - Grasper-CL Browse Website open in new window
Interactive Network Editor and Graphical Database.


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GDL Application Development System, dynamic Knowledge Base Language and Development Environment; Generative Web Language (GWL), an integrated web-based user interface platform, for rapid development and deployment of dynamic webserver-based apps. ANSI...


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A project to package and easily distribute Lisp software. It is loosely modelled after the ideas behind CPAN, for Perl.


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A .NET layer for Common Lisp. Lets CL programs interact with .NET libraries. Open source, BSD-like license.


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mod_lisp is an Apache plugin which lets apache send requests to a lisp process to generate dynamic content. Think of it as java server pages for lisp. cl-pdf is a library to create files in Portable Document Format from Common Lisp.


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