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 1 - PLT Scheme Browse Website open in new window
Programming language suitable for implementation tasks ranging from scripting to application development, and supporting the creation of new programming languages. It includes the DrScheme programming environment, a virtual machine with a just-in-time...


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 2 - MIT Scheme Browse Website open in new window
From MIT, for many systems, has code library, includes most functionality of ANSI Standard Common Lisp (CLtL2), many low-level OS interactions. Distributed with system is LIAR (LIAR Imitates Apply Recursively), optimizing compiler that outputs native ...


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System with one goal: enable Scheme programming style where C(++) is usually needed; makes Scheme practical via features found in most normal languages but not Scheme and functional programming. Generators for C code, Java Virtual Machine, .NET byteco...


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Scheme Shell, broad-spectrum system programming environment for Unix, embedded in R5RS Scheme 48. Supports concurrent system programming, sophisticated I/O and automatic garbage collection for process resources.


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A Scheme compiler which compiles a subset of R5RS into C. Uses the ideas presented in Baker's paper "Cheney on the MTA". It is highly portable, reasonably efficient and makes interfacing to C and C++ very easy.


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 6 - Chez Scheme Browse Website open in new window
Reliable, high performance implementation, by Cadence Research Systems. Free version exists. [Commercial]


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 7 - Scheme 48 Browse Website open in new window
A small and portable implementation based on a bytecode interpreter designed to be used as a testbed for experiments in implementation techniques.


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 8 - Larceny Project Browse Website open in new window
Simple, efficient Scheme run-time system, for SPARC architecture. Petit Larceny is portable and emits C, for Linux (Intel IA32), Macintosh OS X (PowerPC), Solaris (SPARC), Windows. Common Larceny runs on Microsoft Common Language Runtime (CLR), emits ...


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An R5RS Scheme implementation developed to be a handy script interpreter. Quick startup, built-in system interface, native multilingual support. [Open source, BSD license]


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R4RS Scheme interpreter with interface to access Tk graphical package; can be seen as a standard Tk package with Tcl replaced by a Scheme interpreter. Has efficient CLOS-like object-oriented system, STklos.


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