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Provides commercial-quality standards-based XML solutions for Java, C++ and Perl that are developed in an open and cooperative fashion. Includes XML and XSLT parsers.


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XML Editor and XSLT Debugger in Java. Can validate XML, XSD, DTD and XSL. Provides XSLT transformation, Unicode support, FOP support, browser preview, automatic DTD generation, code insight and outliner.


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A thin client XML UI and text markup language tightly integraded with Java. XAMJ applications/pages may be deployed over HTTP (like HTML or Java Webstart) or locally on a user's PC. Also Warrior, an open-source browser/platform for the deployment of X...


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RTF to XML converter RTF documents to XML ones in line with latest W3C specifications for XSL FO formatting semantics. Using different XSL FO rendering tools converted files can ease converted in different output formats such as PDF, HTML, PostScript....


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Article by Dennis M. Sosnoski compares the performance and functionality of several Java document models.


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Online draft of a book by Elliotte Rusty Harold.


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Offers XML parser, XSLT processor, XML schema processor, class generator, SQL utilities, XSQL servlet, and Oracle SOAP. [Commercial]


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Open source project where software components take XML as input, processes it in some fashion and then pass XML on to the next Xbean. Includes white papers and mailing list.


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A Java application that converts flat files into XML and vice versa. Free evaluation version is available.


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An XML-based software system for corpora development. Implemented in Java. The main components are: Unicode XML Editor, XPath Engine, XSLT Engine, XML Constraints, XML Cascaded Regular Grammar Engine.


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