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 1 - XPConnect Browse Website open in new window
Javascript language bindings. It allows Javascript objects to transparently access and manipulate XPCOM objects and also enables Javascript objects to implement XPCOM compliant interfaces.


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 2 - BlackConnect Browse Website open in new window
Java-to-XPCOM bridge that allows interoperability between Java and XPCOM components.


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 3 - XPCOM, Part 3 Browse Website open in new window
Building the XPCOM development environment.


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 4 - XPCOM, Part 2 Browse Website open in new window
Introduction to XPCOM programming: type libraries, the xpidl compiler, and interface discovery.


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 5 - MySQL XPCOM Browse Website open in new window
An XPCOM/XPConnect implementation of mysqlclient API 3.x. The goal of the project is to provide solid and full mysqlclient interface for JavaScript applications. [Open Source, LGPL]


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Allows to navigate through the components and interfaces included in a Mozilla based browser.


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 7 - XPCOM, Part 1 Browse Website open in new window
Introduction to XPCOM, Mozilla's component architecture.


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Ruby language bindings. Ruby is an object oriented scripting language developed by Yukihiro Matsumoto.


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Perl language bindings. Allows the use of XPCOM objects from Perl, as well as the ability to implement XPCOM interfaces in Perl. (Jumpline.com, Inc.)


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XPCOM wrapper around the Xerces validating xml parser. [Open Source, MPL, GPL]


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