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OMG's CORBA Web-site. Contains vendor commitments and success stories.


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An evaluation of some Linux CORBA packages.


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Leads the reader through an introduction to the CORBA Component Model (CCM) that will be part of the new CORBA 3.0 specification.


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 4 - Free ORB Watch Browse Website open in new window
Comparison of some free Java and C++ ORBs. Also includes news and announcements from free CORBA implementations.


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Each issue will feature news and technical information about OCI's supported open-source ORBs (TAO and JacORB), case studies, and examples using CORBA.


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A simple benchmarking suite that measures several basic performance aspects of a given CORBA broker. Also includes a database of submitted results.


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Provides an overview of what features are supported by a given CORBA implementation.


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Detailed performance comparisons between omniORB, ORBacus, Orbix, and VisiBroker.


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Overview by Gopalan Suresh Raj.


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Sensei is a project supporting the development of fault tolerant applications using active replication. Its interface is specified in CORBA and JavaRMI, supporting both architectures independently.


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