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An object-oriented portable parallel language built on top of C++. Source code, binaries, manuals, and publications.


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Extensions to C to support distinctions between local and shared data structures, and pointers to them; for high performance computing on large-scale parallel machines, uniform programming model for shared and distributed memory.


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A language for multithreaded parallel programming based on ANSI C. Source code, manual, papers, and research into parallel chess programs.


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Community site: projects, news, FAQ, documents, publications, tutorials, forum, mail list, work groups, events, downloads.


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Language for parallel programming on distributed systems, based on the shared data-object model, a portable form of object-based distributed shared memory. Papers and manual.


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Experimental high-level language for distributed computing, focus: typing, naming, version change; designed, formally specified, implemented; extends OCaml core to support distributed development, deployment, execution, type-safe interaction between s...


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PARallel Simulation Environment for Complex systems. C-based simulation language for sequential and parallel execution of discrete-event simulation models. Online technical support, manuals, source code. Replaced Maisie language.


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C-based simulation language that can be used for sequential and parallel execution of discrete-event simulation models. Papers, source code, sample models. Replaced by PARSEC language.


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Synchronizing Resources is a language for writing concurrent programs. Source code, mailing list archive, and documentation.


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Jade is a parallel extension to C that allows transparent access to shared memory. Papers, manual, and source code.


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