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International Conference on Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques. Newport Beach, California, USA.


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 2 - PPOPP 99 Browse Website open in new window
ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming. Atlanta, Georgia, USA.


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 3 - EWOMP '99 Browse Website open in new window
First European Workshop on OpenMP. September 30 - October 1, Lund, Sweden.


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IEEE International Workshop on Cluster Computing. December 2-3, Melbourne, Australia.


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 5 - HPCN '99 Browse Website open in new window
High Performance Computing and Networking. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


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 6 - LSSC '99 Browse Website open in new window
International Conference on Large-Scale Scientific Computations. Sozopol, Bulgaria; 2--6 June 1999.


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 7 - PC-NOW '99 Browse Website open in new window
Workshop on Personal Computers based Networks Of Workstations. In conjunction with IPDPS. San Juan, Puerto Rico.


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Fifth Joint DOE/NASA PC Clustered Computing Conference. Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA; 6--8 October 1999.


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International Conference on Parallel Computing Systems. Ensenada, Mexico.


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 10 - FMPPTA '99 Browse Website open in new window
Formal Methods for Parallel Programming: Theory and Applications. In conjunction with IPDPS. San Juan, Puerto Rico.


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