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A list of links to resources.


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An authoritative history, written by some of those who were most closely associated with its creation and development.


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Published from the winter of 1996 thru the fall of 1997. All issues online, including the Fourth International World Wide Web Conference Proceedings.


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A collaborative effort to record and publish the history of the World Wide Web and its roots in hypermedia and networking.


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 5 - Net Valley Browse Website open in new window
Explores the history of the Internet. Includes information on significant companies and Silicon Valley history.


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Anthology of the history of Usenet and the Internet, including descriptive as well as theoretical work.


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 7 - NetHistory Browse Website open in new window
Chris Condon's informal history of BITNET and the Internet. Includes early net publications.


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Archive of postings to this discussion list dedicated to the history of The Internet.


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An anecdotal history by Walt Howe of the people and communities that brought about the Internet and the Web. Includes a glossary of terms.


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Ben Segal traces the history of the Internet at CERN.


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