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Alpha (3) Altair 8800 (4) Amiga (171)
Amstrad (20) Apple II (42) Atari (43)
Commodore (265) Compaq (15) DEC (21)
Dell (7) Handhelds (907) HP (15)
IBM (235) Industrial (113) Internet Appliances (10)
Kiosks (115) Linux (29) Lisp Machines (8)
Macintosh (79) Next (5) Notebooks and Laptops (235)
Quiet (31) RISC OS (642) Servers (24)
Set-Top Boxes (50) SGI (22) Simputer (17)
Sinclair (141) Smartcards (82) Sun (56)
Tablet PCs (34) Tandy (14) Wearables (58)
Workstations (21)  

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Performance Data Resources provide IBM iSeries eServer & all Power Systems for nationwide with new & refurbished IT hardware solutions for the best environment's.


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 2 - Fujitsu Ltd. Browse Website open in new window
International manufacturer of computers, supercomputers, desktops and laptops. In English and Japanese.


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Manufacturer of servers, desktop and laptop computers.


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 4 - eMachines, Inc. Browse Website open in new window
Provides low-price, high-quality branded personal computers. (Nasdaq: EEEE).


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Provider of custom servers, storage, HPC, and OEM appliance manufacturing. ISO 9001 certified full turnkey solution.


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Develops purpose-built platforms, appliances and support services for application software developers, OEMs and service providers.


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 7 - Hard Data Ltd. Browse Website open in new window
Custom built Linux and Unix workstations, servers, Beowulf clusters, high performance storage solutions, with hot swappable disk arrays and power supplies. Alberta, Canada; USA, Japan.


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Independent reseller of computer products from a variety of manufacturers, located in Massachusetts.


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 9 - SAE-Stahl GmbH Browse Website open in new window
Produces operating systems for variety of special purpose requirements. Includes panels for use in hazardous areas and on board ships.


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