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One of the leaders of the VRML industry: develops viewers for a wide number of platforms including several mobile devices, and applications for the creation of content.


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Creators of the VRML (VRML1, VRML97 and now X3D, previously called VRML200x) open standards.


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Develops BS Contact VRML (plugin), BS Contact MPEG-4 (plugin), BS Contact J (applet).


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Home of the eXtensible Virtual Reality Modelling Language Project. It focused on evolving this into a more modern approach based on using an XML-based notation and an XML Schema -based definition.


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The history of VRML, information on how to select a VRML browser, books, essays, tutorials, examples, tools, resources, models, and FAQs.


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Consortium charter, specification, and mailing list for Humanoid Animation Working Group.


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Website of the official Web3D Consortium working group, with the goal of developing tools and recommended practice for the representation of geographical data using the Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML).


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Source for novice and intermediate authors includes tips, authorware tools, models, and textures.


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A preamble to VRML (1.0), preceding access solutions, and challenges faced in the creation of VRML 2.0. By Christopher Serflek.


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