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Wikipedia article.


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One of the Prize Problems named by the Clay Mathematics Institute of Cambridge, Massachusetts (CMI).


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 3 - SAT Live! Browse Website open in new window
A collection of up-to-date links about the satisfiability problem (solvers, benchmarks, articles). A discussion forum is available as well.


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A collection of benchmark problems, solvers, and tools. Provides a uniform test-bed for SAT solvers as well as a site for collecting SAT problem instances, algorithms, and empirical characterisations of the algorithms' performance.


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 5 - Complexity Zoo Browse Website open in new window
Description of the 462 complexity classes and relations between them hosted at Caltech as a part of Qwiki project.


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People, publications, prizes.


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Course 6.045J / 18.400J at MIT OpenCourseWare with introduction to basic mathematical models of computation, Turing machines, Church's Thesis, time complexity and NP-completeness.


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Course 6.045J/18.400J at MIT OpenCourseWare, emphasizing computability and computational complexity theory.


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This is a preliminary version of the catalog of NP optimization problems.


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Pointers to some survey articles and their authors, by M. Bellare.


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