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Finite State Automata (5) Finite State Transducers (6) Linear Bounded Automata (4)
Mealy and Moore Machines (6) Pushdown Automata (5) Turing Machines (6)

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 1 - Automata Theory Browse Website open in new window
Wikipedia article on finite state machines with links to articles about pushdown automata, linear bounded automata and Turing machines.


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Wikipedia article on FSA, Moore and Mealy machines.


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 3 - reAnimator Browse Website open in new window
A regular expression FSA visualizer that provides interactive visualization of how finite-state automata can be used to match regular expressions.


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 4 - Automata Browse Website open in new window
Course notes from the University of Kentucky with sections on finite state automata, pushdown automata and linear bounded automata.


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 5 - Automata Theory Browse Website open in new window
An essay by David Weir.


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A terse statement of important definitions and theorems in this field of study.


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Set of slides from History of Computers and Computing with basic information on automata.


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Notes, small essays, explanations, reading lists. By Cosma Rohilla Shalizi.


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 9 - Turing Machines Browse Website open in new window
A brief survey of finite state automata, pushdown automata, linear bounded automata and Turing machines.


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Intuitive definitions of automata from the more complex Turing machines to the simpler finite state automata.


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