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Sinclair, Clive (3) Stallman, Richard (8) Sutherland, Ivan (3)

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 1 - Sewell, Peter Browse Website open in new window
University of Cambridge - Secure encapsulation, pi-calculus, mobile agents, operational semantics, locality typing.


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 2 - Stork, David G. Browse Website open in new window
Ricoh Innovations; and Stanford University - Pattern recognition, neural networks, machine learning, adaptive human interfaces for data repositories, strategic document studies, image and pattern recognition algorithms for novel parallel hardware, Ope...


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 3 - Sipper, Moshe Browse Website open in new window
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne. Application of Biological Principles to Artificial Systems, Evolutionary Computation, Cellular Computing, Bio-inspired Systems, Evolvable Hardware, Complex Adaptive Systems.


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 4 - Sen, Sandeep Browse Website open in new window
Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi - Randomized Algorithms, Parallel Algorithms, Computational Geometry, Memory Hierarchy Models


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 5 - Sellis, Timos Browse Website open in new window
National Technical University of Athens - Extended relational database systems, active database systems, and spatial, image and multimedia database systems.


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 6 - Sutter, Herb Browse Website open in new window
Secretary of the ISO/ANSI C++ Standards Committee, Writer, Consultant - Information on C++


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Developer of the C++ programming language.


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Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai - Real-Time and Reactive Programming, Logic Programming, Pi-Calculus and Mobile Computing, Parallel Programs, Programming Languages.


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 9 - Spivack, Nova Browse Website open in new window
CEO of Radar Networks, and co-founder of EarthWeb - Semantic Web, Knowledge Management


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University of Edinburgh - Category theory, domain theory, logic, type theory.


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