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Store and process unlimited amounts of data of any type, all within a single platform. Apache Hadoop powers CDH and Cloudera Enterprise.


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This Apache project is an open-source implementation of frameworks for reliable, scalable, distributed computing and data storage.


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Software platform for distributed computing using volunteered computer resources, allowing participants to participate in multiple projects. Software downloads, links to active projects, news, message boards, and other information.


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Language- and platform-independent protocol for peer-to-peer networking, developed by Sun. Initial implementation in Java. [Open Source, BSD-like]


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SDSC SRB provides the abstraction mechanisms needed to implement very large distributed environments like data grids, digital libraries, and persistent archives for data sharing, data publication, and data preservation.


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 6 - Economy Grid Browse Website open in new window
Research on the development of economic resource management and scheduling system for global grid computing. Description and papers.


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 7 - GridRepublic Browse Website open in new window
A non-profit organization created to provide supercomputing resources to public interest research, by use of volunteer distributed computing.


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Clustering software intended primarily for scientific researchers. Mac OS X only.


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An industry-standard, vendor-neutral set of distributed computing technologies. Provides scalable organization of users and shared data, along with basic services such as security and naming.


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Cluster computing project at the University of California, Berkeley, computer science department.


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