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Minsky, Marvin (12)  

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 1 - Lawrence, Steve Browse Website open in new window
Information dissemination and retrieval, machine learning and neural networks.


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Graphical models, machine learning, reinforcement learning.


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 3 - MacKay, David Browse Website open in new window
Bayesian theory and inference, error-correcting codes, machine learning.


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 4 - Kearns, Michael Browse Website open in new window
Reinforcement learning, probabilistic reasoning, machine learning, spoken dialogue systems.


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 5 - Honavar, Vasant Browse Website open in new window
Constructive learning, computational learning theory, spatial learning, cognitive modelling, incremental learning.


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Statistical machine learning, text and natural language processing, information retrieval, information theory.


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 7 - LeCun, Yann Browse Website open in new window
Handwritten recognition, convolutional networks, image compression. Noted for LeNet.


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Statistical signal and image processing, natural image modelling, graphical models.


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Unsupervised learning with rich sensory input. Most noted for being a co-inventor of back-propagation.


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 10 - Xing, Eric Browse Website open in new window
Statistical learning, machine learning approaches to computational biology, pattern recognition and control.


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