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2006, December 4-9, Vancouver, Canada. Neural computation, learning theory, algorithms and architectures, neuroscience, vision, speech, control and diverse applications.


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2006, June 25-29, Pittsburgh, Penn, US. A premier machine learning conference. Submission date: 30 January 2006.


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2006 July 12-14, Utrecht, Netherlands. The workshop supports research linking the formal-logical study of normative concepts with computer science, artificial intelligence, philosophy, organization theory and law.


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2006, October 2-6, Poderbrady, Czech Republic. Managing Knowledge in a World of Networks. Submission deadline 12 April 2006.


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2007. April 11-14. Poland, Warsaw.


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2006, July 13-16, Cambridge, MA, US. An international forum for presenting new results on the use of principled methods for reasoning under uncertainty within intelligent systems. Submission deadline: 9 March 2006.


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2006 October 25-27, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland. To assemble researchers from the Nordic countries, with some additional international participation.


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Confy keeps track of computer science events and deadlines (conferences, workshops, symposiums, etc.). You can easily create your own overview of events you are interested in yourself. Supports RSS and inclusion of such a list on your own webpage.


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2006, November 22-24, Malaysia, Sabah.


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