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 1 - Adler, Mark Browse Website open in new window
Works at JPL. Information-ZIP, gzip, zlib, and PNG.


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Author of gzip, zlib, coauthor of "The Data Compression Book. "


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 3 - Verdu, Sergio Browse Website open in new window
Rate-distortion theory, source coding. Professor at Princeton.


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 4 - Gray, Robert M. Browse Website open in new window
Vector quantization for signal compression and classification.


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 5 - Nelson, Mark Browse Website open in new window
Coauthor of "The Data Compression Book." Addisoft Consulting, Inc.


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 6 - Witten, Ian H. Browse Website open in new window
Coauthor of "Managing Gigabytes." Professor of CS at the University of Waikato.


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Author of "Managing Gigabytes." CS department head at the University of Canterbury.


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 8 - Moulin, Pierre Browse Website open in new window
Image and video processing. Assistant Professor of ECE at UIUC.


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 9 - Gilchrist, Jeff Browse Website open in new window
Author of the Archive Comparison Test (data compression benchmarks) and researcher in the area of cryptography and distributed computing.


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 10 - Chen, Tsuhan Browse Website open in new window
Audio-visual interaction and collaboration, video coding and multimedia communication.


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