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The Rexx Language Association. With symposion information, ANSI standard and large link collection. Archives available to members only.

Growing article, with links to many related topics. [Wikipedia]

IBM's official Rexx site. With news, background, books, tutorials, documentation and links.

 4 - Quercus Systems Browse Website open in new window
Personal REXX for Windows 98/NT/3.1, OS/2 and DOS. REXXLIB extensions, papers, freeware collection and consultants list.

Mainframe programs examples, articles and links. By Gabriel F. Gargiulo, author of Rexx books.

Article by Howard Fosdick shows off several features of the Rexx programming language.

 7 - RexxInfo.org Browse Website open in new window
Companion site to book about the language, with an annoated link collection.

 8 - RexxTags Browse Website open in new window
Rexx Server Pages compiler for rapid prototyping of XML tags in Rexx. Requires Apache and Mod_Rexx. [Open surce, Common Public License]

Article from Web Techniques magazine.

Yay for REXX! Column in a satirical online magazine.

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