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Guide to mathematical software in Fortran held at a small number of US government establishments. Some sources are in commercial libraries and are not directly accessible. The code is of a uniformly high quality but usually old; there may be more rece...

Home of the Numerical Recipes series of books on scientific programming, including the Numerical Recipes On-Line Software Store, free upgrades and bug fixes, and the complete books on-line in PostScript and Acrobat formats. The Numerical Recipes code ...

Contains three different Jet Propulsion Laboratory Planetary and Lunar Ephemerides (DE200, DE405, and DE406) along with associated reading and interpolating routines, allowing the user to obtain the rectangular coordinates of the sun, moon, and nine m...

 4 - Starlink Browse Website open in new window
Astronomy software, much in Fortran.

Links to chemistry, physics, and engineering codes, many in Fortran.

Regional to stormscale atmospheric modeling and prediction system, written in Fortran 90 and released in the public domain. Includes detailed documentation.

Product of the NIST Information Technology Laboratory (ITL). It is used to determine, insofar as is practical, the degree to which a Fortran processor conforms to FIPS Fortran.

Implemented in the F subset by Rich Townsend.

Interactive program in Fortran 77 and C for the design and analysis of subsonic isolated airfoils, released under the GNU General Public License.

 10 - StopWatch Browse Website open in new window
Fortran 90 module, by William Mitchell, for measuring execution time of program segments. It is designed to be a portable, easy-to-use means of measuring execution time.

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