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Featuring a virtual newscaster, capable of delivering real-time on-demand news bulletins over the Internet and interactive devices.


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 2 - Boston Dynamics Browse Website open in new window
Cambridge MA. Boston Dynamics is a leading provider of human simulation software and services. Its product, DI-Guy, is widely used for adding lifelike humans to real-time simulations. PeopleShop, allows the rapid creation of scenarios with realistic p...


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University of Pennsylvania. The Center for Human Modeling and Simulation exists to investigate computer graphics modeling and animation techniques for embodied agents, virtual humans, and their applications.


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Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. The laboratory is mainly involved in the modelling and animation of Three-Dimensional Inhabited Virtual Worlds.


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MOTEK. Designs and produces a wide variety of 3D characters for use in VR of any format.


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Home of Virtual Friends - synthetic talking heads that are able to morph into different shapes, talk via scripts, or act as virtual chat proxies.


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The Oz Project at CMU is developing technology and art to help artists create high quality interactive drama, based in part on AI technologies. This especially means building believable agents in dramatically interesting micro-worlds.


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The goal of the Synthetic Characters Group at the MIT Media Laboratory is to understand how to build interactive characters that come alive in the eyes of the people who interact with them.


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 9 - CodeBaby Browse Website open in new window
CodeBaby is a leader in web-based virtual agent technology, and enables corporations to integrate state-of-the-art, interactive 3D characters with their websites and online services.


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References to autonomous characters that can improvise and react to their environment.


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