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South Bay (San Jose and nearby areas, about 50 miles south of San Francisco), California, United States. Charters, policies, group list.


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 22 - Usenet II Browse Website open in new window
The net.* hierarchy is based on the concept of "sound sites". The goal is to create a new Usenet as free as possible from spam and other maladies.


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 23 - alabama.* Browse Website open in new window
Presentation of the hierarchy dedicated to Alabama.


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Presentation of the small hierarchy dedicated to the open source Open Watcom cross compilers. Archived control messages, list of bogus groups and servers carrying the hierarchy, news feeds for other servers.


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 25 - hamster.* Browse Website open in new window
Presentation of the hierarchy dedicated to hamster, a local mail and newsserver with many tools around. Group list, charters, posting rules, PGP key and checkgroup messages available.


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The California Usenet Project is an effort to coordinate the ca.* hierarchy (California, United States). Lists of newsgroups, charters, and plans.


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