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Most complete SID tune collection, containing over 35, 000 SID files.


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 2 - prophet64 Browse Website open in new window
Synth software for the C64, resembling the handling and sound of the Roland 303/606/808/909 synthesizers. MIDI compatible.


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A podcast featuring SID remixes, original SID music, and news.


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Additional information about HVSC's SID tunes, such as cover information, interesting facts, useless trivia, and comments on the tunes by the composers themselves.


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 5 - C64 Music Browse Website open in new window
Journal about Commodore 64 music in the real world and related stories.


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A collection of pictures of C64 composers, samples on how to pronounce their names and their best SID tune.


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The top Commodore 64 games music classed according to melodic content, intricacy and general atmosphere. Each C64 tune is dissected, reviewed and available for download.


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 8 - SID.OTH4.COM Browse Website open in new window
SID music in mp3 format, recorded from a HardSID card.


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c64.org's SID music search engine.


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A downloadable archive of all known Commodore 64 software used to create music.


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