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 1 - Sheth, Amit Browse Website open in new window
Researcher at the University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA. Contains his vita and a list of talks and papers, some in PS and PPT format.


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Technical University of Vienna, Austria. Research on Process-oriented Information systems, Service-oriented Computing, and Distributed and Mobile Collaboration. PDF versions of research papers are available.


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 3 - Kumar, Akhil Browse Website open in new window
Penn State University, USA - XML-based workflow modeling languages (XRL). Includes a list of his publications, some of which are available as PDFs.


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 4 - Ludwig, Heiko Browse Website open in new window
Researcher at IBM Watson Labs, Yorktown, NY, USA, in the area of workflow and web services. Contains information about his projects and a list of his papers, most of which are available as PDF files.


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TU Eindhoven, the Netherlands - Workflow mining and Petri-net-based modeling languages. Includes a list of publications, some papers in PDF format, and links to his projects.


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 6 - Dumas, Marlon Browse Website open in new window
Researcher at Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia, in the area of Web Services composition and flexible application architectures.


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Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, USA - Business activity monitoring, process integration, and standardization. Contains publications in PDF format, links, a discussion forum, his resume, and some research commentary.


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 8 - Cesare Pautasso Browse Website open in new window
Researcher at the IBM Zurich Research Lab in the area of Business Process Integration Technologies.


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 9 - Zhao, J. Leon Browse Website open in new window
University of Arizona, USA, - Inter-organizational workflow management. Includes a list of his publications, some of which are available as PDF files.


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University of Colorado, Boulder, USA - Workflow pioneer. Focus on general groupware and workflow concepts. Contains link to his papers and vita.


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